Monday, July 13, 2015

GECCO - day 2

„Hola!“ as they say here in Madrid. The day two of GECCO 2015 is over. Well, still not the GECCO itself but the workshops and tutorials before. I presented my student poster today and I would like to mention two of the tutorials I attended.

Evolutionary Computation: A Unified Approach

Given by Kenneth A. De Jong, it was a nice and simple tutorial about the general aspects of evolutionary computation. The main goal of the tutorial was to give a broad overview of various characteristics and aspets of evolutionary algorithm, evolution strategies, genetic algorithms etc. and extract all of these into a „unyfing“ field called Evolutionary Computation. The tutorial was very basic and I can't say I was taught something new, but Kenneth's overall presentation put all the things into a single perspective which was very good and excellent to sort thoughts out.

Expressive Genetic Programming

Given by Lee Spector (GitHub), this was also a nice tutorial heavily targeted at the Push programming language designed for genetic programming. The language is, one could say, weird: everything is on stacks, including the program itself, everything reads from stacks and pushes to them or somehow mangles with them. It is designed with minimal syntax constraints. It is for a reason - so that random programs can exist and be valid. It's worth giving a look. There are many implementations of Push, like Clojush which is in, you guessed it, Clojure! I decided I'll try to implement it in Haskell and name it Hush :). I already created a GitHub repo, but there is nothing there yet.

Stay tuned for the report from today which is the third day and also the first day of the main conference. It is (almost) filled with interesting talks, unfortunately some of them I will have to miss (because there are other ones taking place at the same time slot). Stay tuned...

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